July 14 Murray River to Montague

We weighed anchor at 09:30 in light rain and 20-25 kn SW wind.  The tide was just starting to go out so we didn’t have to be quite so careful staying in the channel.  The ride was rolly for awhile but we still motor sailed.
IMG_7531 IMG_7541 IMG_7536

We followed the entrance into Montague and was quite surprised by all the muscle farms on each side of the river.  The homes and scenery along the river is so picturesque.
IMG_7533 IMG_7546 IMG_7552

We called the marina here and they said they could accommodate us.  Arrived at 12:30.  We had a chuckle on the way in to dock.  We saw a huge yacht on the dock and Mike said “To think we were worried they wouldn’t have room for us”.  Turned out it was a yacht that a crew had delivered from Florida.  They came in here with her on the weekend and the owners arrived yesterday.  They plan to sail around the east coast and then take her to Bahamas.  Hey, maybe we will see them again along the way!  It is 101 ft long and is the largest boat they have ever had in this little marina.  Apparently it was in the paper. so many locals are down here snapping shots of it.  Hey kids, it reminds me of the yacht in the movie Overboard.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What a great little place…it is a tourist info centre and marina, along with a café and restaurant.  Had a shower and walked to Sobey’s.  Later, we walked up and ordered a pizza for supper from a local shop here that was recommended.  Yummy! In the evening we walked up the hill for an ice cream.  Cute little gazebo with a deck, lights, benches and it overlooks the harbour.

Can you see Persuasion?IMG_7556

For those of you who are tracking us on marinetraffic.com, you will notice that we finally moved.  It showed us in Cap Chat for so long.  When we arrived in Charlottetown, it finally changed to show us there.  And yes, it shows us to still be there.  Probably it will show us there until we get to Cape Breton if we get picked up by signals.  If not there, in Halifax for sure.

Today we only travelled 18.3 nm.

5 thoughts on “July 14 Murray River to Montague

  1. Oh gee, wish we had known you were going to be so close. We live in Murray Harbour. If you are by this way on your way home please look us up. We would be happy to billet you. We do have a shower. Ha ha. Enjoy your wonderful voyage.

    Joan and Peter, Murray Harbour, PEI
    cousins of Patsy and Claude, Havelock


    1. Wish we had know when we were there, would have loved to see you. You can probably tell from the photos of our post “From Charlottetown to Murray River” that we were almost across from a small fishing harbour. Since the tide was out, we didn’t want to keep manoeuvring in the channel. Murray Harbour was further in but we would have taken the dingy in to see you. Beautiful area you live in.


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