July 13 Charlottetown to Murray River

After breakfast Mike washed the red mud off the hull of the boat.  It reminded us of the Bay of Quinte smile.  Also, we are beginning to hate salt water but are trying to live with it…..  The windows get coated, hull, decks, everything. The club was open for fuel and water so we weighed anchor at 09:30 to head over for fuel.  We found an unexpected visitor in the anchor well.  Not to fear this little guy survived.  Had a bit of a wait at the fuel dock but got serviced.  As you can see the fuel dock is not where it should be yet!

Said goodbye to Charlottetown

Was a great sail over.  Winds were SW 20 kn for most of the day. We saw some beautiful scenery and one of the Wood Island ferries returning from NS.
IMG_7464 IMG_7475IMG_7483

Mike spotted a couple of seals playing off Wood Island and I was finally able to catch a photo of them.  And I couldn’t believe the size of some of the jelly fish we saw!
IMG_7471 IMG_7472

During the calm waters, the captain was able to take a little shut eye in the cockpit with me keeping watch and at the helm. Well, Popeye at the helm. Gotta love auto pilot!IMG_7455

We headed up the Murray River at low tide and stayed in the channel.  Amazing how deep the channel is with sandbars so close to it. Had a great anchorage.
IMG_7507 IMG_7504 IMG_7506

The captain barbecued and we had another beautiful sunset.   The wind picked up so we let out more chain before bed.  An absolute gorgeous moon tonight.

Today we travelled 45.4 nm

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