July 11 – 12 Enjoying the sights of Charlottetown

July 11

We awoke Friday to a beautiful sunny morning and the sound of a ship’s horn.   Rushed to the cockpit and got a photo of a cruise ship from Nassau.

Relaxed awhile, made some phone calls to the yacht club and marinas here.  We thought we would reserve a slip for Saturday.  Turns out, the yacht club is not ready to take guests yet after Arthur and the marinas are housing some of the boats from the club while the clubs docks are being repaired.  We found out that some of yacht owners had their boats hauled out by the club and others went to the marina.  Sadly  of the few that didn’t, two sank. We were told to call back on Saturday to see if the docks had been repaired.

We worked on the blog photos in the morning and after lunch, took the dingy over to the marina to walk uptown.  The captions on the photos will tell you what our day was like.

July 12

What a beautiful sunrise this morning!  We are loving this gentle island.  We were up early and worked on photo galleries and albums uploading them to the blog. We are getting used to the program but sometimes it can be downright frustrating! Heard another ship horn blowing.  An Irving tanker from Saint John coming into the harbour.
IMG_7405 IMG_7374

We called the yacht club and they said they were still not ready for boats.  However she mentioned that we could use their facilities for laundry and showers.  Very nice people, even offered to drive us for groceries while we were doing laundry.  We opted to walk, thinking it to be not so far.  Turned out to be farther than expected and by time we were back, we had gone over 5 km.  Oh well, one needs to get some exercise when on a boat!

After the clean laundry and groceries were all tucked away we dingied back over to the club….very close from our anchorage.  Had a nice warm shower and ate a great meal at a little restaurant above the club.  Their outside patio from up there offered a great waterfront view.  Got a shot of Persuasion…..in fact we saw Persuasion on Global TV news!  There was a conference at the Prince Edward Island convention centre and they were interviewing one of the speakers outside and it showed the boats in the anchorage.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

It was a great day and what a beautiful sunset and moonlit night…the weather lady talked about it on the news that night, said it was called a super moon. Sure was!
IMG_7396 IMG_7400

Here are more photos of our time spent in Charlottetown.

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