July 9 Tied to the dock in Summerside

Weighed anchor at 0600 bound for Charlottetown.  And yes, there was alot of red mud on the anchor . Wind had calmed down through night but had come up again.  We motored a bit but the Captain was not happy with the sound of the engine.  It didn’t seem to have any power.  We decided to head back in.  We came into the club with the winds out of SW 15-20 kn.  Had quite a time getting onto the dock.
IMG_7262 IMG_7266

Mike changed the primary fuel filter and the engine was sounding ok. Because of the winds gusting to 25kn, we decided to stay at the club overnight and hope for better winds tomorrow.

After lunch, we walked to Canadian Tire, which Mike thought would only be a few blocks…..turned out to be about 4 km.  While at that end of town, we went to a Canada Post outlet to mail a card.  Asked the attendant for a postal code in the Ottawa area and he started talking about moving to Ottawa.   There was a gentleman behind us waiting for service.  We headed out and started walking back to the boat.  A car stopped and asked us if we were going to the yacht club. It was the man behind us at the post office.  Was so glad to get out of the heat. Love how helpful and caring people are.  Took a few more photos and spent the evening working on pictures for the blog.

Today we only travelled 4.8 nm.

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