June 21 – July 06 Shediac

First let us apologize for not posting during and after our 2 weeks in Shediac, NB. We relaxed, visited, drove down memory lane past many houses where we lived and just enjoyed. We also had 245 photos to go through and it was a challenge picking some for the blog. Although we didn’t capture everyone, we have a few with captions in the album that relates to some mentioned here in the blog.

It was a wonderful rest and vacation after the first leg of our trip. We visited lots of family and friends and also had lots of visits to Persuasion while were there. Also lots of trips to Shediac Bridge for fried clams at Chez Leo, and even to Cap Pele at Bel Air for a great feed. Spent a day at Murray Beach, a day in Havelock, a visit with Mike’s mom and sister in Petitcodiac and even had a visitor from Edmonton. A girl who grew up with our kids was visiting her parents in Riverview. So she and her dad, her hubby and little girl came out to visit us. Mike’s cousin, Frank, who lives in Shediac, also came out for a visit. We visited with my Dad in Springhill, NS, once Scot took us down and the next week, my sister picked me up to go down and visit with him.

Met some lovely people at the yacht club and were even surprised to see a couple there who were our old neighbours.   The club is fantastic. Very accommodating. and a great weekly rate They have free laundry, free bicycles to use and everyone is so friendly. We took advantage of the bicycles to do some shopping, eating and touring around. Loved our stay there.

The weather was mostly good to us. The sun came out the afternoon we arrived and stayed sunny for the next couple of days. Got some visits in, scrubbed the salt off the boat and then the downpour started for 2 days!  We stayed at Scot’s and came back to the boat to find some more leaks which we took care of….we hope.   Nothing serious,  just needed some butyl tape around the bulkhead tab.   But the sun came out and stayed out pretty much the rest of the time, in fact with lots of higher than normal temperatures ……until Arthur arrived! (We thought Arthur deserved a posting and photos all of his own, which was uploaded).

July 6 Our last Day in Shediac

Sunday after Arthur dawned sunny and beautiful, with some remnant winds and we spent a lovely day with Scot, Jody and Margie touring around, playing at the boardwalk information centre and lunching on Persuasion. We are sure going to miss them. Seeing Margie’s smiling face and enjoying her happy disposition. She reached for us every time we saw her.  Had such a fun time.

After supper, we put on the enclosure and chatted with new found club friends who stopped by to wish us well. Like, I said before, very friendly people. As the saying goes, “No coast like the East Coast”

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