July 7 Shediac to Summerside

Shoved off dock at 08:30 with many people waving goodbye. Winds were SW light and then climbed throughout the day to 20-25 kn.
IMG_7205 IMG_7213

It wasn’t long before we caught our first glimpse of Confederation Bridge. And of the Island and her red soil.
IMG_7226 IMG_7229 IMG_7228

We sailed for 5 hours. It was a beam reach and waves were building to over a meter.It was a great sail.
IMG_7237 IMG_7234

We arrived in Summerside and dropped anchor at 14:30 amidst strong winds. It was good holding, almost across from the entrance to the yacht club. Winds were around 20 kn. Finally downloaded pictures from our time in Shediac and started going through the photos.

Today we travelled 36.5 nm

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