Hurricane Arthur

The quiet before the storm.

July 4-5 Our two week stay in Shediac had been at the end of a dock almost across from the entrance to the harbour and it was suggested on Friday morning that we move our boat closer to the club to get away from the wind and waves. So, on Friday before lunch, we moved up and got buckled down.


We decided it would be best to take all the enclosure off and just leave the dodger. Then we folded down the frame and secured it. We secured Persuasion with many  additional lines.  It started raining around 0400 and then rained hard from 0630 on. Winds picked up by 08:30 The highest through the day were up to 30 kns.  Wind was pushing off the dock for most of the day.IMG_7175 IMG_7180

David and Debbie called and wanted to pick us up for supper so of course we went and where else…to Chez Leo’s. Not too far away from the club. After coffee at Tim’s, we came back to the boat and watched a movie. By then the wind had shifted and was really blowing. Wish I could have taken a picture of them getting off the boat, but it was pouring and gusting so bad. I thought they would blow away. We were thrown against the dock all night. Thank goodness for fenders. The highest winds clocked at the club were at 0300 and were 45-50 kns. Some yachts had to have extra lines on but we fared well in there. a club in Charlottetown was not so lucky where 2 or 3 sank. Arthur played havoc in lots of Maritime cities and towns. Hopefully he did not set a precedent for this years hurricane season!

One thought on “Hurricane Arthur

  1. looks like you folks are having an amazing time. We are so envious. Glad you are doing a trip of a lifetime. I hope you don’t run into too many storms. We do miss you . Yesterday I saw Meagan out weeding. We are doing great. I’m going camping with carolyn next weekend. Jack s not a tent camper. bye have fun . Charl. and Jack


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