Leg 1 – Long Sault to Shediac

Captain’s Log

As you all know the Admiral has commandeered the blog.  Although she puts a more personal touch to our blog it may lack some technical data that us captains like to see.  I thought that I would give an account of the first leg of our adventure.

Engine hours = 150.

This equals about 1.5 years of our normal cruising, maybe a little more.

Distance travelled = 818.4 nm.

18 days
Biggest day 70.9 nm – Shippagan to Richibucto
Smallest day 3 nm – Quebec City Yacht Club to Quebec City Marina

Fuel = 390.5 l

That is about 2.6 liters per hour or. 57 imp gal/hr


All systems worked flawlessly.
As you all know, by now, AIS is a great safety tool but a poor tracking tool.  There are lots of dead areas in Eastern Canada.  Hopefully as we move south this will improve.  Especially when we enter US waters.
Although there were no mechanical issues with the autopilot it had great difficulty handling quartering seas. This meant there was lots of hand steering which may have been a good thing as I did not get sea sick.
I installed a new 120 amp alternator with serpentine belt just before we left.  It has worked well but my concern that it may rob horsepower has proven true. I have to be careful when idling down that the engine doesn’t stall. This only happens after start up when the alternator is producing at maximum.  So when leaving a harbour I have to watch the rpm.


Although I re-bedded everything over the last few years there are a couple of locations that need attention.  Two of the major leaks were re-bedded with 4200. I have never been a fan of 4200 so this time I’ll dig out some good old butyl tape.
Vibration is constant. If not from the engine, the wind and if not the wind then the waves. Sometimes it is all three. I was amazed how many things became loose. I have been working my way from stem to stern tightening everything.
It has been years since we sailed on salt water and that was only day sailing from a trailer sailer.  It doesn’t take long for salt to show its effect on the bright work.  No wonder I was told we will want to hose everything off daily.
As you know we started this adventure on June 1st after a winter that wouldn’t quit.  It seemed we had more rainy days than sun.  We experienced wind from all points with a high of 34.6 kns on the nose and 10 foot seas.  Hopefully in the future we will be able to find a quick refuge from such conditions.  Although it took 21 days to reach Shediac we only had one day where we waited for the weather to change.

3 thoughts on “Leg 1 – Long Sault to Shediac

  1. Hello Captain Mike,
    Great to hear from you and appreciate the operating details of your adventure. I hope you will soon be in warmer water and better sailing conditions. Make sure you take advantage of your location to enjoy a few lobsters.


  2. Thank you for making to effort to take us along on your voyage! The log details are appreciated and fascinating! A few questions; what type of autopilot do you have? Has the original storage plan for dry foods, clothing, spare parts etc., been adequate? have you had to re-arrange or rethink storage? Could you comment on how the boat has handled the various conditions you have experienced?


    1. Richard

      Persuasion is equipped with a ST6000+ with under deck linear drive autopilot. Our storage strategy hasn’t changed although we have not been very far away from major stores yet. Things may change when we reach the Bahamas. Persuasion as you may know is the centre board model and has handled everything thrown at it very well. As I mentioned in my log vibration is a real concern. Not a big deal as you become disciplined in inspecting everything which is a good thing. We are presently moored at the Shediac Bay Yacht Club awaiting Arthur.


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