June 21 Richibucto to Shediac

It was an ok night tied to the outside of the harbour wall in Richibucto.  Not too many early rising fishermen leaving the harbour.

Jamie decided he would leave this morning from here, rather than waiting to get into Shediac.  Said that he had thought about it overnight and that it would take less time to drive from there than from Shediac, so made arrangements for a car rental.  He was anxious to see his family, I’m sure.  Was with us for almost 2 weeks.    He will be doing the Borland race with our yacht club in Long Sault on June 28th.  So we said goodbye to him and he helped us off the dock at 07:10.  We will miss him comparing his Bad Elf GPS position with ours, and his many happy hours of trying to catch fish for our suppers.IMG_7021

The winds were out of the North, started out15 kn but then they went to light. We rolled out of Richibucto harbour on the surf. It was another rough day and not a lot of photos.  We did see windmills on the coast of PEI and soon started to see the familiar wharfs and Parlee Beach.  Motored past the Point de Chêne harbor where we launched one of our sailboats many times for an afternoon sail.
IMG_7026 IMG_7029 IMG_7037

Around 14:00 after hailing the Shediac Bay Yacht Club we motored in.    After 21 days we completed the first leg of our adventure.

IMG_7038Looks like we made it!!

Jody was on call but Scot and Margie came out for a visit on Persuasion.  We were so happy to see them.  David and Debbie met us all at Chez Leo’s for fried clams, scallops and fries and then came back to Persuasion for a visit before we turned in. It was great seeing them too.IMG_7041

We will be taking a break from the blog while in Shediac.  We took a slip at the marina for this week and maybe next.  We’ll be scrubbing Persuasion inside and out, doing some repairs and visiting around the area with family and friends.  Anyone who would like to come out to the club, can email us as we finally have good connection for wifi.  We will make arrangements to be on Persuasion for your arrival or meet you in the town somewhere.  Our email is  mike.maetaylor(at)gmail.com

Today we travelled 39.2 nm.

8 thoughts on “June 21 Richibucto to Shediac

  1. Glad to hear you made it safely to your first major destination!! Where will you be heading after Shediac? Any idea when you might be in Halifax?


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