June 20 Shippagan to Richibucto

Had a peaceful night until a few lobster and fishing boats left the marina and headed under the bridge out our way,  They get an early start, around 03:00. Only heard a couple and drifted back off.  Had breakfast, checked email but didn’t upload, takes quite awhile to add the photos in word press and we wanted to get underway.

Weighed anchor at 08:25 bound for Richibucto, manoeuvring around lobster traps again until we got past 50 foot depths.  Raining a bit and winds out of the west, around 20 kn.  We battened down the hatches, storing everything away that might move.  Not many photos today, we just saw water, waves, water, waves, water, waves, up and down, up and down, up and down, and so on and so on and so on…..Talk about Mr. Toad’s wild ride!!  It was a long 10 hours, especially for the captain.  Persuasion sailed through amazingly.  Us too, considering the waves and weather.  No sea sickness but we did all just eat crackers and celery sticks for lunch.
IMG_6993 IMG_6997 IMG_7001

Finally, some scenery.  We saw the sand dunes and surf that we all loved to go to.  We would take the kids there on David and Debbie’s boat from their cottage on Main River.  Today the surf was not fun as we had to twist our way into the harbour and we had the surf on all points.  More rolling.  What fun!!  We headed into the harbour and was worried about the depth inside so we tied on to the outside wall.  Got it all secured and settled by 19:00.
IMG_7005 IMG_7016 IMG_7017

After supper Jamie went up town for a walk and we started updating our blog but a few locals came by to chat.  .  One young couple explained how the fish traps work.  They were trapping (fishing) gaspereau.  There even is a scare crow to keep the birds away.

Only one more sleep before we see Margie.

Today we travelled 70.9 nm.

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