June 19 Sainte-Thérèse de Gaspé to Shippagan

Attempted to leave this morning at around 04:30 expecting a long day.  Well we left the harbour and soon realized that it was no place to be so we hi-tailed it back to the harbour. Had blueberry pancakes and sausage, then walked up to see the surf on the rocks. We walked to the gas bar about a km away, with our diesel can.  No diesel there but further up the road, the owner told us in French.  Then, he offered someone to drive us up. Very friendly people.  We walked along a different road on our way back to the boat and passed by a fish plant. There were rows and rows of racks for drying fish.   And of course, there were screens on top to keep out the seagulls.
IMG_6944 IMG_6946

Saw a local fish factory worker taking a break.

Looked like it was clearing a bit; so we left at 08:50. Much better this time, winds were less than 10 kn but the Bay of Chaleur was quite rough.   And lots of lobster traps to manoeuvre around.  It got a bit wild across the bay from Miscou Island. Winds were SE 15-20 kn and once I felt a bit queasy when working below. Up to the cockpit and it was crackers for lunch for me. Mike and Jamie seemed ok, no sea sickness. Never thought I would miss weeding my gardens, but today I sure would rather have been doing that. As of 13:00 we entered into NB. Atlantic time now, making us anxious to see Scot, Jody and give lots of hugs to Margie.
IMG_6937 IMG_6961 IMG_6952IMG_6983 IMG_6984

So many lobster traps to manoeuvre around. We tried to hail the Shippegan harbour, finally got in touch with someone. He said the channel was marked and we should be ok to get in during low tide. Well….we didn’t. Persuasion aground again!  On a sand bottom. Just had to let the dinghy down a bit but kept it on the  dinghy-tow. Jamie manned the dinghy and we backed off. Got a call from a sailboat inside the harbour who saw us and said the channel wasn’t marked well but if we could stick to the right, we might make it and could raft by him. Lots of fishing and lobster boats in there.  We decided against it.  The marina was on the other side under the lift bridge. We knew it didn’t lift high enough for our mast so we anchored out not far from the bridge in a protected area at 18:49.   Finally had Rogers service. Sent some I messages and tried to FaceTime some of the kids right after supper. Started to upload some blogs but had trouble with the computer. We had to turn off the internet so Mike could do a scan to make sure there were no viruses picked up from wifi somewhere. By time it was finished, we were too pooped to upload the blog to Word Press and add the photos.
IMG_6987 IMG_6991

After a rough day we had a beautiful sunset and rainbow.

Today we travelled 50.8 nm.

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