June 18 Gaspé to Sainte-Thérèse de Gaspé

After a good nights sleep and what we thought would be a good day to travel we left around 08:30 hoping for a big day (Shippegan). I let Kris know that we wouldn’t be joining her for supper but how grateful we were for her visit and all the delicacies she brought us. The man that Mike and Jamie had met came by to wish us well and give us a few things from his fridge as he was driving back to Québec City for a couple of days.
IMG_6744 IMG_6735

Ran into fog and rain leaving Gaspé but not bad. And guess who we spotted heading toward the marina in Gaspé…. Theodore Too! Guess he is following us around.  Bet Lennon and Jude will love seeing him in the harbour.IMG_6755

Sure enjoyed the baguette with the goat cheese, smoked salmon, crackers and salmon bites for lunch. Sooo good. Thanks again Kris.   Mike and Jamie saw two more seals today but I missed them again, was below at the chart table working on the blog. I type it in Microsoft Word and then we copy it over to Word Press and upload photos whenever we get access to internet.

Did some motor sailing after Perce rock and decided it was time to find a safe harbour to stop as the waves were starting to build.
IMG_6833 IMG_6872

This side of the coast is quite the contrast from the other….more farmland and almost red earth like PEI. Not high rock cliffs. And once again, my photos don’t do the scenery justice. I have been the photographer (although, not a very good one, elected myself to be as I am not steering the boat. Figured it was one of he duties of the Admiral) since leaving on this trip and trying to take photos, sometimes out through the V berth and between the lifelines is challenging! (However, I haven’t forgotten to put the SD card back in it again! Glad the only shots missed were ones of coming into the old port in Quebec. Luckily I took a few the next day when we left, not quite the same views but ok).

Arrived at Sainte-Thérèse de Gaspé around 15:00. Had to be so careful coming in, lots of lobster traps out. Funny little harbour, split in the middle. No service and no internet. We are getting used to being off the grid. However, will have lots of blog uploading to do when we get good service. How is that for an oxymoron, off the grid but blogging! Guess, years ago it would just be a log book and a daily journal of our adventures. Raining now. Jamie tried his hand at fishing…..but nothing. However he came back with 3 salmon steaks from the little fish market behind the harbour. He made nachos and we were going to bake those and potatoes but our oven has stopped working. The pan fit in the bbq so we had the nachos, fried the potatoes, cooked green beans and had bbq salmon steaks. Yummy. And enjoyed the movie, Captain Ron while we ate.
IMG_6923 IMG_6926

IMG_6870 IMG_6773IMG_6805 IMG_6793 IMG_6879

Today we travelled 37.8 nm.

One thought on “June 18 Gaspé to Sainte-Thérèse de Gaspé

  1. I am loving reading your blog updates! You are having quiet the adventure. I remember watching Theodore as a kid, what a celebrity siting! I hope you enjoyed the movie – Cap. Ron is a favorite of course. Wish I could have been there to watch it with you.

    Love you and miss you lots!!


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