June 17 Rivière-au-Renard to Gaspé

Aww, a peaceful night. And no sunrise start today! We shoved off the dock at 07:26 bound for
Gaspé.  IMG_6636

Winds were light at first and we motor sailed for a couple of hours. We saw our first seal today. Something bobbing in water just ahead to the right of us. Looked through binoculars to see what it was. Could make out a huge head of a seal. By time, I got the camera, it had gone under. Drats!  However, there was lots of beautiful scenery.
IMG_6649 IMG_6661IMG_6651

IMG_6693 IMG_6683IMG_6658

After lunch the winds were SE and about 15-20 kn by time we arrived at the marina.

We got fuel, water, and a slip for the night. The clubhouse had a fire over the winter and was still under renovations. They had moved their source for wifi until construction is finished and as a result, it was the pits. If you sat in a certain place by the small building where the antennae was or walked in front of it, you might get service. And no Rogers service for our rocket stick either. Another day and no blog uploaded. Mike and Jamie met a nice man who kept his boat for a few years at this marina. He was waiting for a few good days to sail it home to Quebec City. We also met a nice man who said he had just been down to Moncton area. He grew up in Fredericton but works here now for the RCMP dealing with criminal investigations….Then I realized he must have been to Moncton for the funeral last week for the slain officers. He said he had been and talked a bit about it. Must have been a sombre day in Moncton. So sad.

It was sunny and warm and we walked across the bridge to the mall, got some groceries and went out for supper. A beautiful place here and must be absolutely gorgeous in autumn with all the colourful foliage on the mountains.

We also had a visit with Kris and her two boys, a friend of Amber’s who I’ve met a few times at birthday parties. She has recently moved back to her hometown here from Ottawa. It was great seeing her, Lennon and Jude again…and the newest member of their family, a cute puppy, Penny. They strolled the boat yard with us and we searched for her dads boat. She knew he had sold it but thought it was staying here. She found out later that night that it had gone to Kingston. She said her dad had made the Shediac from Gaspe trip many times. She also offered to have us over tomorrow night to meet him and dine with them. We will wait and see if the weather will be good to travel tomorrow though.IMG_6726

She brought us lots of goodies, baguette, smoked salmon, salmon bites, dried sausage, cheeses, chocolates, and crackers. All made in QC and some raincoast crisps, made in BC. We noticed that the smoked salmon and the sweet salmon bites were made in Mont-Louis at Atkins & freres. We had walked by that building on Saturday evening but they had just closed and didn’t venture down that far the next day with all the rain. Neat that we can put a face to the shop where these goodies are produced. Kris also told us that there are sky diving competitions at Mont-Louis. Since having been there and seeing the cliffs and mountainous scenery, I can see why it would be such a great location for them.IMG_6732

It was a great day, sunny and warm but sure cools quickly at dusk.

Today we travelled 32 nm.

One thought on “June 17 Rivière-au-Renard to Gaspé

  1. We loved our quick visit with you guys!! The boys asked about Captain Taylor and the Admiral for days afterwards. 🙂


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