June 16 Mont-Louis to Rievere-au-Renard

Daylight comes early here…light at 03:50.

IMG_6573Sunrise at Mont-Louis

Got everyone up at 4 to head out.  Hey, when the Admiral says its time to go, we go! Shoved off the dock at 4:38.  Hey, at least there is sun today! What a sunrise and the scenery here is incredible.  My photos do not do it justice. The jib was up and smooth sailin’.  We sailed by our most northerly point at 49d:16m:09s at 05:58.IMG_6589  Heading south now….gotta get warmer, right?

We are realizing what we have known all along …..Quebec is truly beautiful, La belle province!  Having lived on the West Island in Kirkland, we did alot of sightseeing.  Also, when driving through to NB many times, we see the different landscapes and comment on how beautiful it is.  From the water you see even more beauty of the coastlines. It is spectacular.
IMG_6602 IMG_6596

We got on a dock in Rivere au Renard at 12:45.  Winds were SW 20+, and a high boat speed of 10.6.  Quite a nice little club with new docks and hoping to get all their power and water to the slips within 10 days.  Since we had neither, we got a deal on our stay for the night.  A very nautical, cute little place inside.
IMG_6623 IMG_6637

Bonus….wifi where we could upload our blog from last few days and FaceTime.  Didn’t get through to everyone.  Missing all the kids and grandkids. Beautiful showers and a great laundry room  (We needed it after our wild ride to get into Mont-Louis.  We only realized after our first night there that water had come in through the anchor well and onto shelf in the V berth. Eventually it leaked down onto the bed and into one of the clothing lockers).  Grrrr  Oh well, Cèst la vie!  There was lots of warm sunshine to dry things while we walked around, bought some salmon fillets to barbecue and by evening we had a dry mattress, clean bedding and clean dry clothes.

Sunset in Riviere-au-Renard. Beautiful!!
IMG_6632 IMG_6626

Today we travelled 59.4 nm

4 thoughts on “June 16 Mont-Louis to Rievere-au-Renard

  1. The photos are awesome;
    How did the water get through the bulkhead between the anchor well and the vberth? thanks


    1. Richard

      Years ago when I installed the windlass I cut about a 2″ hole to pass the cables through. Well I didn’t seal the hole and we were in 35 kts of wind on the nose and pounding through 10′ seas. Lots of water everywhere. Next harbour we came to I packed the hole and cables with butyl tape. Hasn’t been tested yet and hopefully never will.



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