June 15 Still tied to the dock in Mont-Louis

Happy Father’s Day to Mike and Jamie!   Guess they will get their messages later when we get internet and cell phone service. Jamie caught a couple of fish last night so he cooked them up for breakfast along with eggs and sausage. Very good.

I see fish

It was 10C when we woke up this morning. So much moisture in the boat. Cold, rainy day. Maybe got up to 12. We found a pay phone to call home and let everyone know we were safe. Made it a work day…..Mike and Jamie changed the oil and checked the stuffing box. And I helped get one of the lazeretes organized.   Mike pumped out about 20 gallons of water from the dinghy. So much moisture in the boat. Quickly realizing that is why not many boats are in the water yet here… and that a furnace would be a great upgrade! Hoping for a break in the weather tomorrow. Jamie decided to try fishing around 1700. We admire his patience and passion for fishing. Since they were not biting and I was not expecting a big catch, I cooked tacos for Father’s Day supper and we all enjoyed a movie on Persuasion.


In the end we had a beautiful sunset.

7 thoughts on “June 15 Still tied to the dock in Mont-Louis

  1. Hi everyone
    Can’t seem to connect with Jamie so I just wanted to say we are all good and we are watching your adventure from your blog as we can’t seem to get updates on the Marine Vessel App. It hasn’t updated since June 13th for us.
    Hope the weather breaks soon for you.
    Megan and I have the fort in total control!
    Love to all


  2. Not exactly sure where you are but it looks like you are in for some rough weather, with a possibility of lots of lightning; take care.


  3. Hi!
    I am noticing no updates since Sunday and remembering that we had no cell/Internet coverage when we travelled the Gaspe coast in 2012…..
    I hope you are managing to avoid the stormy weather that hit Ontario yesterday. It has been raining all day here in Halifax (Wednesday) but the forecast looks good for the next few days. 🙂 Take care, xo M.


  4. How are things? I haven’t had an update for a bit. Jamie I updated my Iphone so you should be able to facetime me now.
    Weather is beautiful here. Have the engineers coming tonight to go through the properties. Making sure Megan is around for that to take in what they will be doing and of course “market” herself! The firm is out of Ottawa.
    See you next week?
    Love Joe


  5. 10C for morning wakeup!! Brrh – and I thought 14C this morning was a nipple warmer upper (NOT). Glad to see Jaimie is providing some food for the crew – and yes – I can attest to his patience – as I’m sure Joanne can as well. Hope Joanne eventually manages to contact him. I have to admit – SKYPE is my fav way of connecting if the other person has Wi-Fi (I mean the Admiral is able to post in the blog – so there’s gotta be coverage). Just a suggestion Joanne incase you weren’t aware.


    1. Only upload blogs when we get wifi. Type them on Microsoft word on my computer but have to copy them over to Word Press when we can get Internet. Photos can only be added when we get internet service .One time we had no service for 3 days and wifi was pits at marina so couldn’t upload:( that’s why they are so far behind. He did get in touch with her. Got his FaceTime working and she updated hers on her iPhone.


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