June 14 Cap Chat to Mont-Louis

Off the dock at 06:30, figuring it would be another soggy wild day. Wind was on the nose, 20-25 NE kn.  Not pleasant….waves were up as high as 2-3 meters. Raining hard most of the day.  Came into a beautiful fishing village around 1500.

Fog was still on the mountains.
IMG_6507 IMG_6502

Tied up to a fishing dock and met some great fishermen.
IMG_6526 IMG_6522

We all strolled the streets, bought our fuel and even found a poutine shack and ice cream.

This place as you can see is a photographer’s paradise.  And again, no cell phone coverage or internet here. Jamie was anxious to find out about the hockey playoffs. He asked a local here if he knew who won the hockey game, had to use some sigh language too as the guy didn’t speak much English. He said “Oh, the Kings of LA won. And so that wraps up the hockey season.
IMG_6517 IMG_6516IMG_6515 IMG_6525 IMG_6518

Today  we travelled 41 nm.

4 thoughts on “June 14 Cap Chat to Mont-Louis

  1. Ahhhh – the patron saint of Quebecois patriots (remember – I live in Montreal – je parle bien français … NOT – only when I’ve had some rum or ….) …. Saint Poutine – squeak squeak squeak (of the cheese curds). No squeak or good gravy – it’s not real Quebec poutine 🙂 Loving the pictures that you’re posting! Here’s to better weather ahead for you to escape further south.


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