June 13 Matane to Cap Chat

Although the blog has always been a joint effort, with one writing, one editing…today the blog writing has fallen into the hands of myself, the Admiral…..better than in the movie, Captain Ron, where the log book fell into the hands of the Pirates of the Caribbean.   Jamie up early and walked up to Tim Hortons and got us coffees. We updated the blog and then walked up to a mall.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAInteresting park in Mantane. Marina wasn’t even open.

Back to boat and decided to leave, bound for Grande Vallee. Old Hand stayed behind at the marina there waiting for Slinge”N to get his engine fixed as he had to be towed back to Rimouski.   They will meet up on Monday and continue their trip to Newfoundland .

Pushed off dock around noon.  Was a wild day….winds NE high of up to 34.6 kn. Waves of 1-2 meters. We decided to get out of the wind and took our first anchorage available at Cap Chat.

IMG_6481 IMG_6479One of the many lighthouses. Wind farms wind farms wind farms.

IMG_6477 IMG_6497

Got on the dock  around 19:30. Was a nice little fishing village. People were very friendly. Jamie had supper planned so he cooked and we all enjoyed.


Jamie’s supper – Do you see any fish?

Then took a stroll up in the village. No cell phone coverage or internet here. Brr…cold night.


View from Cap Chat harbor.

Today we travelled 31 nm.

One thought on “June 13 Matane to Cap Chat

  1. So, so, so …. did you see any cats???? Meow Meow Meow \^,,^// Playing catch up here with your blogs – have been offline since Tuesday – now getting my fix of your adventures!!!! Jealous of all the great meals Jaimie is cooking up for you – will have to bug him when he’s back on land to cook us up something similar 🙂


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