June 11 Tadoussac to Rimouski – WHALES WHALES WHALES

Rough night with tides and dragging anchors.  Everyone slept in until 06:00 so we got underway around 06:30.  We saw lots of whales today.  Also had a chance to do a little motor sailing.

IMG_6390 Mouth of SaguenayOne of many of these magnificent creatures.  Mouth of Saguenay.

Three belugas Another belugaThree belugas. Another beluga.

The great Canadian economy IMG_6444The great Canadian economy. No wonder I couldn’t find the green buoy.


Stayed at Marina de Rimouski.  We got a drive to the mall from a wrestler promoter (big guy).  Did a little shopping and walked back to Persuasion.

Today we travelled about 55nm.

One thought on “June 11 Tadoussac to Rimouski – WHALES WHALES WHALES

  1. Know the feeling with tide changes – we had similar experience in Martinque this winter. Crew took watches over the night to ensure we stayed put – and didn’t go waltzing into other boats (crowded anchorage where we were). It’s a way different experience isn’t it when tides are involved isn’t it? Loving your posts – and hoping that MaryEllen is enjoying this all (I know I would – even better having a great crew onboard like you have with Jaimie — hi Jaimie!!!!).


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