June 9 Cap Saint- Joseph to Tadoussac

Weighed anchor at 05:30 destination Tadoussac. I also got Jamie to help with some of my neglected projects.
IMG_6358 IMG_6363

As we approached the mouth of the Saguaney River we spotted our first beluga whales – two.  Unfortunately we couldn’t get any pictures.

It was interesting seeing how the Saguenay interacted with the St. Lawrence.

Dropped the anchor at around 15:00 and before we could get it set everyone was yelling whale.
IMG_6369 IMG_6376

Just when you think it is time to retire for the night the strangest things happen.  In comes Theodore Too from Halifax.

Reminds us of Scot’s favorite story book, Scuffy the Tugboat.

Today we travelled 56.5 nm.

4 thoughts on “June 9 Cap Saint- Joseph to Tadoussac

  1. Really enjoying following your blog. Hopefully the belugas will be the first of many whales you will encounter.


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