June 8 Quebec City to Les Cap Saint Joseph

Enjoyed our stay at the Marina port de Quebec.  Our friends Jamie and Joanne arrived from our home club at about 10:00.

Jamie is going to crew with us to Shediac.  He will certainly reduce my stress level concerning currents, tides, navigation and anchoring.  Oh yea he even helps to keep the Admiral entertained. Here he is doing a fantastic job performing the Admiral’s work.


We pushed off and through the lock around noon with no particular destination in mind.  That was probably a big mistake. It was about 20:00 before we found an anchorage that satisfied us.

Good bye Quebec City



Our anchorage at Cap Saint-Joseph.  Very roly, although it doesn’t look it here.  Lots of lakers through a narrow channel.IMG_6353

Today we travelled 59 nm.

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