June 7 Out and about in Old Quebec

Well today was another gruelling day at the office, accomplished 3 whole nm. We moved Persuasion from the yacht club to the marina. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

We wanted to be close to Old Quebec and experience a lock just to get to our slip. Would love to post some pictures of Quebec’s shoreline but the photographer took numerous pictures without a sd card in the camera. Oh well, maybe tomorrow.

We took a walk through some of the old town and quickly realized we are in very poor shape. I remember telling my daughter when she biked Mont Ventoux that I would go with her but that I would have to crawl up the hill. That is exactly how I/we felt climbing the streets of Quebec.

Where’s Persuasion?   I see her do you?OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

What a beautiful city.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


After our tour we walked to the grocery store to pick up some provisions. I estimate that groceries cost about $1 per pound. Didn’t Persuasion have a water line? Anyway shopping for provisions was so much fun we did it again later in the day.

Or was that an excuse for the Admiral to eat out again?

3 thoughts on “June 7 Out and about in Old Quebec

  1. Ohhhhhh I absolutely loved reading this post!!!!!!!! Loved seeing you guys in the pics too!! Miss you tons! xox


  2. Not being a green water sailor I did not stop to think that getting into the Saint John River would require rounding SW Nova Scotia and up the Bay of Fundy. Duh.
    Shediac is on the route.
    Besides, the beaches, water temperature and lobster are better in Shediac.
    Safe travels


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