June 6 Trois Riveries to Quebec City

Up early this morning and weighed anchor at 05:30, destination Quebec City.  Got our first taste of tides at Deschaillons.  Speed jumped from 8.3 kts to 13.6.  WOW!! what a ride.  Unfortunately it didn’t last all the way to Quebec.  We felt the effect of a flood tide for about the last 2.5 hours.  Speed reduced to 3.9 kts.

It was great seeing the Canadian economy at work but a little scary for us.  We took Persuasion out of the channel to give these beasts all the room they needed/wanted.

For my Quebec engineering buddies a trip to Quebec would not be complete without a picture of the infamous Quebec bridge.

Well we arrived at Yacht Club de Quebec at about 14:30.  Very nice club with some mega sailboats.  Did a months worth of laundry (isn’t this only day 5) and had a nice supper at the club.

Here is a pic of Persuasion sporting her brand new dodger/bimini/enclosure. It certainly came in handy today as we had rain on and off all day.

Well what fun would an adventure be if there wasn’t some disagreement.  So is it kts or kn?  OK the Admiral wins so going forward it will be “kn” for speed and “nm” for distance.  Kind of makes 60D ST meaningless doesn’t it kids?

Today we travelled 65.5 nm.

3 thoughts on “June 6 Trois Riveries to Quebec City

  1. heehee you made me laugh out loud
    with the 60D ST!!! Ohhhh how I loved all of our road trips!!! HAHAHA. Enjoy your time in Quebec City! Love you old farts xoxoxo


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