June 3 – 4 Montreal to Sorel

June 03

There was a huge thunder storm predicted for early afternoon  so  we spent today in Montreal with friends Mike and Ginette. We went to a nice little bistro in Lachine then they took us to a Metro to get provisions.  As predicted it rained very hard.  We got drenched just walking from the car to the club.

June 04

We left RSTYC just before 07:00 with the winds blowing 21 kts.  We accomplished 2 locks and 3 lift bridges.


A great day, we even got about 4 hours of sailing,  except the ending wasn’t the best.  I tried to maneuver into a secluded anchorage and ran aground.  Poor Persuasion couldn’t pull herself off.  I took the dinghy and secured a halyard  and heeled Persuasion over while the Admiral took the helm and backed us out into deeper water.  Enough excitement for one day so I dropped the anchor just off the main seaway channel.

Today we travelled 59.7 nm.

3 thoughts on “June 3 – 4 Montreal to Sorel

  1. We are keeping an eye on your blog from Iceland!
    What a place! Unbelievable scenery like we have never seen before.
    Take care and stay safe. Sad sad news out of Moncton 😦 My sister Judy’s step-son is an RCMP officer there but he was away for training last night. They were all called back home right away….
    Keep posting your status 🙂 We and lots of others are watching to see your progress.
    xo Monica & Kees


  2. Cool. The offer stands.
    We will keep an eye on your progress.
    Will come an see you when you arrive at nearest port
    Safe sailing


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