June 1 The Adventure Begins

Well after two days of frantic boat and house prep we are ready to begin our adventure.

It was so nice to have family and friends come and push us off the dock.  Unfortunately not all were captured  in the photos.

Well we got off the dock around 14:40.


In the first lock, Eisenhower, we had our first mishap (probably first of many).  The wind was behind us blowing about 15 kts and when we went to attached a line to the bollard in the lock I could not stop the boat with full reverse and the line caught a stanchion and bent it like a pretzel.  Fortunately no one was hurt and on the second try we were successful.  We had help from our  friends, Pam and Shawn finding our first anchorage.  They were tracking us on marinetraffic.com and knew exactly where we were.

Today we travelled about 26 nm.

One thought on “June 1 The Adventure Begins

  1. As a new member of the Stomont Yatch Club, I am very proud to follow your sailing on the St-Lawrence and the Atlantic. With my best wishes for the aventure.


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