Getting started

Well I have one day to work and 24 days before we push off the dock on our 1 year (maybe more) cruise.  I have promised friends and colleagues that I would keep an account of our adventures.  Please check these pages often.  Make sure you click on the category you wish to view.

If you wish to contact us please click on the comment button above

Click here to see where we are.

4 thoughts on “Getting started

  1. Fair winds and following seas …

    We’ll be living vicariously through you two – for the next few years.


  2. Mike; Congrats; I have a 37 CB also and will following your trip very closely; I am also on the C&C list; (Stu’s List); we hope to follow in your wake soon, so keep us up tp date on how the boat performs. Best wishes, Richard Bush.


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